General Guidance & Tips for Restaurants During COVID-19 Outbreak

publication date: Mar 25, 2020
author/source: Patrick Accounting

Patrick Accounting

First off, this is a must read...

Straight shooting tips that the Patrick Accounting firm put together for their clients on what operators need to do.

HUGE thanks go out to them for allowing us to repost for our readers!

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Here is our general guidance...

  1. Don't close, unless specific circumstances warrant (more below)
  2. Review operating hours
  3. Double down on take-out
  4. Reduce labor cost
  5. Take care of your employees
  6. Understand how unemployment insurance works
  7. Negotiate rent
  8. Cut or negotiate other costs
  9. Reduce menu size
  10. Freeze purchasing where you can
  11. Forecast sales and cash flow
  12. Cash Flow
  13. Prepare to raise capital, get loans
  14. Use social media, etc. to inform and communicate with your guests
  15. Stay Informed

1. Closure vs. Revamping

2. Operating Hours

3. Take Out and Gift Cards

4. Labor Cost



Eliminating Positions

5. Caring for Employees

6. Unemployment Insurance

7. Rent

8. Other Costs

9. Menu

Look at your menu. Any of the following will help:

10. Freeze Purchasing

11. Forecasting

This is not easy, but forecast as accurately as possible what's coming up. If you can't do it by day, do it by week.

12. Cash Flow

Keep in mind your P&L doesn't reflect cash flow.

13. Capital and Loans

14. Social Media

15. Stay Informed


THANKS again to the folks at Patrick Accounting for sharing this valuable information. Be sure to check them out at

Patrick Accounting

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