Restaurant Employee vs. Employer Mindset

publication date: Nov 6, 2020
author/source: Hengameh Stanfield

Today, on the Making Dough Show, we are talking about a gripping topic in the business industry, the employer vs. employee mindset.

Many of us, business owners or entrepreneurs, have a background working for someone else in our past. We've experienced being employees at some point in our lives and getting paid per hour. It may not be the case now because you are already the employer, and you don't get hourly pay. However, we all come from that mindset.

If you are an employer, a leader of a company, or a business owner, are you proud that you work a lot? Or are you mindful of the fact that it's not about the long hours that you spend working but the amount of output that you can accomplish in those times?

Let's talk about it...

Hengameh StanfieldHengameh Stanfield is the co-owner of Mattenga's Pizzeria in San Antonio, TX alongside her husband Matt. They were able to over triple their sales in the first 5 yrs of business with zero prior restaurant experience. She shares practical tips about their restaurants marketing and management systems on her show Making Dough Show. You can download The Ultimate Restaurant Marketing Guide and all more FREE Resources at

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