Ep 212: Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

publication date: Apr 1, 2024
author/source: Jaime Oikle with Brenton Thomas

Brenton Thomas

In this episode RunningRestaurants.com Founder Jaime Oikle hosts Brenton Thomas, Founder of Twibi, about effective digital marketing strategies for restaurants. Brenton advises starting with Google and Facebook ads due to their high return potential and suggests focusing on conversion tracking and consistent messaging across platforms. He recommends search campaigns and performance max campaigns for targeting high-intent customers and emphasizes the importance of optimizing Google My Business for local SEO. Brenton also touches on the value of high-quality photography and the challenges of adapting to algorithm changes, offering practical tips for small restaurants, including...

Timestamps and other highlights from the episode are further below...

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Jaime OikleJaime Oikle is the Owner & Founder of RunningRestaurants.com, a comprehensive web site for restaurant owners & managers filled with marketing, operations, service, people & tech tips to help restaurants profit and succeed.

TIMESTAMPS from Podcast...


Digital Marketing Overview (00:00:32)
Brenton gives an overview of Twibi's digital marketing services, including Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram, and email marketing.

Channel Recommendations (00:01:35)
Brenton recommends Google ads and Facebook ads for restaurants, advises against using Twitter and TikTok, and suggests split testing between Google and Facebook ads.

Facebook Advertising (00:02:33)
Discussion on setting up conversion tracking on Facebook and optimizing for specific events like purchases and email collections.

Google Ads Strategy (00:05:54)
Brenton explains the importance of starting with a search campaign and utilizing performance max campaigns for Google properties.

Local SEO and Business Citations (00:08:16)
The importance of optimizing Google My Business profiles and utilizing local business citations for better visibility.

Video Advertising (00:10:02)
Brenton discusses the inclusion of video in performance max campaigns and its effectiveness in advertising.

Content Creation for Restaurants (00:11:07)
Tips on creating content that showcases the experience and lifestyle around the restaurant, rather than just the food.

Keeping Up with Changes (00:12:44)
Discussion on how to stay informed about algorithm changes in digital marketing, including utilizing email updates and working with agencies.

Digital Marketing Tips (00:14:23)
Brenton recommends starting with Facebook advertising and shares technical tips for tracking attribution in Google Analytics.

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