20 Ways to Kill Customer Loyalty at Your Restaurant

publication date: May 14, 2024
author/source: Shep Hyken


This customer service tip focuses on customer loyalty, which is one of the coveted bi-products of delivering good customer service. Yet good – even great – customer service by itself will not create loyalty. It takes more, such as quality, reliability and dependability. On the flip side, it doesn't take much to erode loyalty.

Below is a list of "twenty loyalty killers." This may seem like a negative article, but please don't view it as such. Look at this as a checklist to confirm that you are avoiding any of these behaviors. There, I've put a positive spin on it. So, here is a list of a twenty "loyalty killers" that you must avoid to maintain your customer's confidence and their loyalty:

1. Bad customer service is a loyalty killer.

2. A bad attitude is a loyalty killer.

3. An aggressive attitude is a loyalty killer.

4. Indifference toward a customer is a loyalty killer.

5. Uncertainty is a loyalty killer.

6. Complacency is a loyalty killer.

7. Apathy about your work is a loyalty killer.

8. Lack of confidence is a loyalty killer.

9. Lack of enthusiasm is a loyalty killer.

10. A communication breakdown is a loyalty killer

11. Inconsistency is a loyalty killer.

12. A weak relationship is a loyalty killer.

13. A long wait time is a loyalty killer.

14. A slow returned phone call or email response is a loyalty killer.

15. Arguing with a customer is a loyalty killer.

16. Making a customer feel that they are wrong is a loyalty killer.

17. Making a customer feel ignorant is a loyalty killer.

18. Being impatient with a customer is a loyalty killer.

19. Using unfamiliar jargon or acronyms is a loyalty killer.

20. A failed promise is a loyalty killer.

Are you or your restaurant guilty of any of the above loyalty killers?

Remember that customer service by itself will not create loyalty, but it helps to get you there. You need your customer's confidence. The old cliché is that people want to do business with people (or businesses) that they know, they like and they trust. What are you doing to create those feelings?


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