Football Marketing Strategies for Restaurants & Bars

publication date: Sep 10, 2020
author/source: Nick Fosberg


(Image by WikiImages from Pixabay)

Both NFL & College football are back and now is the time to start marketing your bar / restaurant to boost those sales.

Here's a few HIGHLY targeted ways to boost those sales.

1. Facebook + Instagram - target men based on the age demo you want in your bar and target based on interest in NFL football or the NFL teams that bring people to your bar / restaurant.

2. Newspaper - put some ads in the SPORTS section of your newspaper.

3. Use your staff - Reward your staff by getting them to get groups of 2 or more into your bar for the game. Pay them based on the amount of people they bring. Maybe you do a special for a table of 4 where they have a chance to win something or they get 2 free appetizers when all 4 buy an entree.

4. YouTube - Run video ads using the same type of target marketing mentioned in number one. You don't need a professional video made. Have your staff use an iPhone to record and start off with "Do you enjoy watching NFL football on Sundays and do you live in the "city" area?"

This does 2 things. Calls out the crowd you're after and it makes them say "He/She is talking to me!"

Many times when people are on YouTube, they are seeing pre-roll ads for national ads. Very little do they see local. So, you want to make sure right away that this is a local commercial - it'll grab their interest even more and keep them watching.

5. Direct Mail - You can buy mailing lists of men within 5 miles of whatever age you want, good credit, and subscribes to Sports Illustrated or other sporting magazines.

( is who I use for my lists)

This is highly targeted marketing and with so many backing off from direct mail because they can't seem to make it work (I'll explain how in a minute) you end up with NO competition in the mailbox :)

How do you make it work? Well, provide a coupon / offer within the postcard. Don't just shout your specials and have ZERO way of tracking your marketing dollars.

There has to be some kind of redemption process / sales reporting that tells you if you made or lost money.

The best way to NOT lose money is when people come in with the offer, collect their name / email / phone number and offer a bounce back offer. Send to their email or as a text.

By doing this it also allows you to get them back in for future promotions.

Lead capture is the BEST way to never lose on marketing because you can profit from that campaign for months / years on end - IF YOU USE YOUR LIST!

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