FREE OFFER: JoyRun DIY Delivery

publication date: Apr 3, 2020
author/source: JoyRun


During this brutal time, JoyRun is humbly looking to do our part for the restaurant community.

For this reason, we will be offering our services at no cost through June 1st to all Running Restaurant subscribers.

Give Employees more hours/shifts while improving delivery margins:

JoyRun Restaurant Partners across the country are taking employees who otherwise might be furloughed or have shifts cut, and repurposing them to deliver food.

Instead of paying 30% commissions per delivery order to a 3rd party service, we want restaurants to keep those profits in their pocket.

How the System Works (Creating a Group of Orders under 1 timeslot):

Instead of receiving sporadic, 1-off orders, JoyRun's platform allows Restaurants to pre-schedule set delivery timeslots.

Customers must order in one of these designated timeslots, which creates a "batching" of orders. Now the restaurant can efficiently deliver 3-7 orders in a single trip using only 1 driver.

Restaurants can schedule these delivery times as frequently or as infrequently as they want, and the delivery "fee" off-sets the cost of the hourly worker.

Protecting Your Customers:

From a Health & Safety perspective, restaurants have an opportunity to provide 'peace of mind' to customers by enforcing strict Contactless delivery standards in a way that 3rd party delivery services cannot regulate.

To take advantage of this offer, please click the link, and let them know you came from Running Restaurants.