How a Customer Feels When You Don't Respond

publication date: Oct 25, 2023
author/source: Matt Plapp


Ignoring a customer in your restaurant?

Unthinkable, right?

Yet, this is exactly what happens when social media comments from satisfied customers go unanswered.

The solution is simple: Respond to each and every one of them!

If this situation sounds familiar, then you need to check out Episode #409 of the RMS podcast....


Matt PlappMatt Plapp is the Owner of America's Best Restaurants & Restaurant Marketing That Works. Matt is an AVID marketer, CrossFitter, Author, Speaker, Consultant & Business Coach. Matt has owned his own marketing firm since 2008 and since then he's helped hundreds of companies market with a purpose, that purpose is ROI! Matt has authored three books in the restaurant marketing field, Restaurant Marketing That Works, Don't 86 Your Restaurant Sales, & Sell More Slices.