How to Dazzle Your Customer with Superior Customer Service

publication date: Jan 20, 2021
author/source: Roger Beaudoin & Dr. Kelly Henry


Superior Customer Service is "Job 1" for any business, especially restaurants.

Therefore, considering the thousands of details in running your restaurant, nothing will build your business faster, nor have a greater impact on your profit and bottom line than amazing customer service. Certainly, this is more important now during the pandemic than ever.

Dr. Kelly Henry In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I'm speaking with Dr. Kelly Henry. He built his chiropractic practice into multiple clinics from the foundation of providing consistently exceptional customer service. As a result, he has re-invented himself into a customer experience doctor and author of the book "Define and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service", due out mid-January 2021.

Stay tuned as we discuss:

  • Hiring for Attitude vs. Experience and teaching the rest
  • Praising performance 4X vs. a 1-time reprimand
  • How to transform Unremarkable restaurant service experiences
  • Training staff to be consistently "Customer-Centric"
  • The importance and power of the "AM Huddle"

Most importantly, you will learn: How a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to up to a 90% Profit Increase!

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