How to Get 50 New Customers in 30 Days or Less

publication date: Feb 26, 2020
author/source: Nick Fosberg


Loyal repeat customers are like "oxygen" to us bar and restaurant owners. If we don't have enough of them, our business eventually dies.

If we only have a limited amount, we are gasping for air. Low energy. Drained. Tired. Not living a healthy life with fun and excitement.


However, there's one thing you must be able to do all the time. Attract new customers at a profit!

And the reason is, our loyal repeat customers do move away, get into bad financial times, unfortunately get bad health, etc. We need to keep adding more loyal repeat customers and we can only do that by attracting new ones every month.

Now I hear time and time again from the "experts" out there that "discounting" will kill your brand - and they are right to a certain extent, if you do it the wrong way.

I'll talk more about that in a second but let me say this first...the fastest and easiest way to get new customers in your doors is using what I like to call a "Mafia" offer - an offer someone can't refuse!

With that said...lets dive into getting you 50 new customers in the next 30 days!

Write an e-mail (if you don't have an e-mail list, don't worry, I'll explain how this will still work for you.) Write an e-mail telling your customers that one of your goals this month is to get 50 brand new customers in your doors and instead of spending mass amounts on radio, tv, newspaper, etc., you'd rather give a great incentive to THEM, your loyal customers for helping YOU achieve this goal.

You tell them that if they bring in this email / show this email and if they bring in just one or up to 3 other friends / family members who have NOT been to your bar or restaurant, that you will buy EACH and every one of them their dinner.

If you're thinking I'm nuts...stay with me because you're not understanding the big picture and numbers yet.

If you're a fine dining restaurant this could cost you a bit more so you could say you'll buy them a bottle of wine - that maybe costs you $10-$20 out of your pocket.

Will This Hurt Your Brand?

Will this message hurt your brand? Absolutely not!

One, your customers are going to think you're smart for not wasting ad dollars.

Two, they are going to respect you and appreciate you more for giving them a great offer and understanding the reasoning of WHY you're making the offer to them.

You're pretty much telling them..."Instead of me paying money to these ad companies, I'd rather spend it on YOU for being so loyal and helping me out!"

Weed Out The Cheap Ones...

When I do something like this, I also tell them that in order to get the free meal or whatever the discount is, that person must purchase 2 beverages. This weeds out the really cheap people that we all hate to deal with :)

At Fozzy's & Casey's, my two places we're about 60% alcohol / 40% food. I want to attract more of the 60%'s because that's where the money is.

Can they buy just 2 sodas, yes. Against IL law to advertise any other way.

What's This Going To Cost You?

Now let's say your average meal is $10, let's say your food cost is $5 (I hope it's not but let's use a high number) and let's say they only have two Sprites at $2 and let's just say you make $1.50 profit.

Right now you're out $2 on that customer. $5 food cost, $3 profit on the pop. $2 dollar loss on this ONE customer.

If you multiplied 50 BRAND NEW customers at $2 that's $100 you'd be out of your pocket.

Let me ask you this - When is the last time you spent $100 and got 50 BRAND NEW customers in your doors?

Jon Taffer says on average it costs $60-$70 to get a new customer in the door using traditional media. Times that by 50, you're at $3,000!

$100 isn't so bad is it?

But what if you have a strategy in place to get each of those customers back in within the next 7 days with another offer, that wasn't free?

What if you could turn just ONE of those customers into a loyal repeat customer. One who comes in 4 times per week and spends $25 on average - $100 per week or $5,200 a year?

$100 isn't so bad is it?

"But Nick, I don't have an e-mail list!"

Then take that same message on a piece of paper - printed of course - and have your manager or staff members bring it to each table.

Put an expiration date on there for the end of the month and just tell them to bring that back.

Or better yet, put that on a greeting card / invitation instead.

Do this for 14 days and have the loyal customer of yours book a reservation of when they are coming in with the new customers. Let them know you or your manager would like to meet them.

The goal here is to BUILD more LOYAL CUSTOMERS... The OXYGEN to your business!

Doing all this by e-mail is so much easier and faster but you could easily do this with a nice printed invitation and personally hand them out to your best people.

Your Strategy In 2020

What do you think of what I just told you?

Pretty simple strategy that any bar or restaurant owner can do, and if they do the job right by providing a great customer experience for these customers, they'll make tens of thousands of dollars over the course of 12 months with these customers.

What's your strategy to increase sales? What's your strategy to double your loyal customers?

Nick FosbergNick Fosberg, author of "100/80/20 Marketing Formula," is known as one of the highest paid, marketing and promotional consultants in the bar & restaurant industry and he owns 2 bar / restaurants in the Chicagoland area. He's famous for creating some of the highest grossing digital marketing promotions in the history of the bar & restaurant business...without spending a penny on marketing. All done through e-mail & Facebook posts. Click here to get the Report: 30 Bar Promotions That Increase Revenue.