6 Tips for Remarkable Service

publication date: Dec 15, 2022
author/source: Jeff Hookham


I used a phrase last week that I swore, as does every new parent, I would never use. We heard it countless times growing up. It was a phrase that was so unfair to us as children that when it rolled off my tongue I was shocked at what I heard. Did I say that?

To be fair she had it coming. She, being my 5 year old named Paris, questioned me about why she had to go to bed at 8:30. My response to the bedtime question was really the only logical response left at my disposal after a long day and no energy left.

"Because I said so."

I know, I know, I'm still stunned I said it.

I'm going to bet you've felt like uttering that very same phrase when your team members question you as to why they have to do things. From side work to cleaning procedures to the use of serving trays, you've been asked many "why" questions.

The "why" question I want to talk about today is one I discussed with a group during a speaking engagement. I did an Extreme Service Makeover session and one of the questions that we discussed was "Why give Remarkable Service?".

The people that attended this session were so energetic and passionate about their respective establishments that I would like to share their responses with you.

Here's the top 6 responses to "Why give Remarkable Service":

1. Makes us stand out

With poor service seemingly everywhere, delivering Remarkable Service makes you stand out from the crowd. It also makes a positive impression on your guests. Leading to number two

2. Keeps guests coming back

We have a client that has a motto of "Make every guest a repeat guest". You do that by providing Remarkable Service, thus giving them a reason to come back and to tell others about your place which leads to number three

3. Creates word-of-mouth advertising

The cheapest and best form of advertising is word-of-mouth. Deliver on the promise of Remarkable Service and people will talk about you in a good way. And the more people that talk about you, leads us to number 4

4. Increases sales

Just read the first three on this list and you can see that by providing Remarkable Service you will make more money. Word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective means of advertising and repeat guests are the most profitable guests. Build your customer base and keep them coming back. Increased sales is just a by-product of the first three.

5. Makes for a fun place to work

It's nice to go to work for a company that you know is doing things the right way. Who wouldn't want to work at an establishment that thrives on service. It's a contagious habit that spreads quickly to new hires.

6. Because you want to keep your job.

It's kind of funny but serious at the same time. Bringing this up probably won't win you any manager of the year awards but if they don't understand the first five hit them hard with number six.

The next time you get questioned about why providing Remarkable Service is important, skip the "Because I said so" and give them this list. Now I'm going to start working on my parenting response that will replace, "If everybody jumped off a bridge would you follow them..."

Jeff Hookham is the CEO of 4 Remarkable Service. Visit http://www.4remarkable.com for additional articles and resources on wait staff training.