"Put Your House in Order" Webinar for PFG


Performance Foodservice was proud to be the Diamond Sponsor for this content-packed webinar session.

Now, Performance is bringing the Replay to its customers for a limited time. (Please enjoy access through 2/3/23)

In this session, Jaime Oikle of RunningRestaurants.com is joined by Roger Beaudoin of RestaurantRockstars.com - the duo deliver a content-packed session that every operator can walk away from with a notepad full of actionable ideas for their restaurant.


As the New Year approaches, it's time to work "ON"” your business to make 2023 your most successful.

If you start today and take small steps each week, you can make your business more efficient, more satisfying for your team and more profitable. Working “ON” your business now is not just about the days and weeks ahead, it's really an "Exit Strategy" for the future. With new systems, a "dream team" staff and a dialed operation, you may choose to sell your restaurant, open other locations, start another business or spend more time with family and friends. All this is possible when your house is in order.

We hit on...

  • Cost Controls and how to Maximize Profit - Inventory process, Prime Costs, your "sweet spot", avoiding staff abuses and Break-Even
  • Menu Engineering - The importance of regular plate costing, paring down menus, portion controls finding lost profit and how to maximize profit on every sale
  • Staff Training, Recognition & Rewards - Culture, cross-training, empowerment, incentives, recognizing & capturing hidden opportunities and salesmanship
  • Marketing Firepower & Loyalty - WOW factor for social media, creating a powerful brand, building a database, trackable marketing techniques that drive business and cost little money, how to start a Mug Club, guest value-added



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