Ep 158: Restaurant Tech Talk: AI Delivering Profits with Dave Dittenber of BYOD

publication date: Feb 2, 2022
author/source: Jaime Oikle with Dave Dittenber

Dave Dittenber

It was great chatting with Dave Dittenber, CEO of BYOD.

In addition to running a tech company Dave is an operator of several concepts in Michigan so he's dealing with all the same issues and challenges that you face at your restaurant.

We got into...

  • How Dave grew up in and fell in love with the restaurant business
  • How COVID has impacted their various operations
  • Ways they pivoted and adapted to successfully navigate the crisis
  • The foundation and starting point for BYOD
  • How long-time operators look at increasing efficiencies to boost profits
  • Why having too many different types of technologies is bad for your restaurant
  • How getting the tech to talk to each other is a big win
  • How emerging technologies like machine learning & AI are helping to make real-time decisions
  • How their Alexa like MABEL assistant is helping restaurants with their operations

Lots of good stuff...Check it out...

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