25+ Ways to Run a More Profitable Restaurant (Ep 1)

publication date: Jan 16, 2019
author/source: Jaime Oikle with Roger Beaudoin

crushing it?

Roger Beaudoin Holy cow, what a ride this call was...

I pushed and probed Roger Beaudoin from Restaurant Rockstars for 60+ minutes to dish on the secrets of his wildly successful restaurant & bar.

We must have hit on more than 25 different ideas for improving a restaurant's operation.

Some of the highlights include...

  • How a restaurant can be busy, but still not make any money
  • The importance of implementing cost analysis & controls
  • Plus menu costing & designing menus for maximum profit
  • How "cash cows" can drop big dollars to your bottom line
  • How critical it is to train, develop and empower staff to Serve & SELL
  • Why you need to ditch the "C-players" at your restaurant
  • And how to properly recognize & reward the "A & B Teams" to build the brand, increase productivity & reduce turnover
  • Why it's important to evaluate the competition and brainstorm competitive advantages
  • How to maximize Internal Marketing & not waste money on traditional untrackable advertising
  • How to create exciting "hooks" & promotions to drive business (you'll want to listen for just this alone!)
  • How local strategic alliances can help you beat the competition
  • How to develop value-added guest "Affinity" programs to build repeat business
  • Understanding and building multiple Profit Centers
  • How to cut down on waste to significantly boost the bottom line
  • Why you need to build and take control on your marketing databases
  • How social and mobile can make an important difference for your restaurant
  • Plus funny stories...
  • And a whole lot more...

This is an absolute must listen for any restaurant owner or manager looking to ramp up sales and profits.

So set aside and hour to work on your business -- grab a notepad and listen in...


Roger's program The Restaurant Rockstars Academy covers in elaborate detail all the key aspects of running a successful and profitable restaurant operation.

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