Secrets Inside Your Restaurant Biz (Ep 30)

publication date: Feb 27, 2018
author/source: Jaime Oikle & Darren Dennington

Definitely one of our best sessions ever!

Jaime pushes Darren Dennington from Service With Style to reveal a wide variety of key tactics that he uses with clients to drive their successful results.

You'll want to hear every minute as Jaime & Darren hit on...

  • How restaurant teams can be dysfunctional
  • Ways to build real trust with your managers & staff
  • Insights to hiring and developing your team
  • How identifying priorities can be a key driver for your business
  • What the four areas you must get right in your restaurant are
  • Why the first 15 seconds are so important with your customers
  • And how to effectively connect with guests
  • The importance of taking the guest perspective
  • How & why to stop the negative before it happens
  • and a lot more...

Service With Style