Ep 199: Life & Restaurant Lessons with Adenah Bayoh of Brick City Vegan

publication date: Oct 18, 2023
author/source: Jaime Oikle with Adenah Bayoh

Brick City Vegan

In this episode I had the pleasure of hosting Adenah Bayoh, the founder of Brick City Vegan, who shared her inspiring journey from Liberia to Newark, New Jersey, and the lessons she's learned along the way. Adenah's passion for providing great vegan food and options for urban communities drives her vision for the restaurant. We also discuss how Adenah communicates with her employees, implements feedback, and utilizes social media for marketing. P.S. Adenah's messages to fellow restaurant operators at the end are pure gold nuggets so stay tuned...


  • Adenah Bayoh's background and restaurant journey
  • The concept of Brick City Vegan
  • The challenges of running a niche restaurant
  • Adenah's passion for providing vegan food and options for urban communities
  • Communication and feedback sessions with employees
  • Implementing feedback in the restaurant
  • Marketing strategies, including social media and word-of-mouth
  • and more...

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Link: Brick City Vegan


Jaime OikleJaime Oikle is the Owner & Founder of RunningRestaurants.com, a comprehensive web site for restaurant owners & managers filled with marketing, operations, service, people & tech tips to help restaurants profit and succeed.

TIMESTAMPS from Podcast...


The journey from Liberia to Newark [00:00:23]
Adenah shares her background growing up in Liberia and escaping the civil war to eventually settle in Newark, New Jersey.

Starting Brick City Vegan [00:03:54]
Adenah discusses the origins of Brick City Vegan, her vision for the restaurant, and the focus on providing natural vegan food options.

Minimizing costs and managing vendors [00:09:17]
Adenah gives advice on minimizing costs by paying attention to vendors, counting inventory, and checking invoices to ensure accurate deliveries.

The one on one meeting and feedback [00:12:47]
Adenah discusses the importance of one on one meetings and feedback sessions with employees after a certain period of time to gather their input and identify areas for improvement.

Implementing employee feedback [00:13:38]
Adenah shares examples of feedback received from employees, such as the need for multiple uniforms and the idea of offering free meals to loyal customers, and how they were implemented to improve the business.

Service and community engagement [00:19:24]
Adenah about the importance of engaging with the local community and incorporating service into their restaurant concept, such as organizing events with local schools and introducing young kids to their veggie burgers.

Lessons from Brick City Vegan [00:24:07]
Adenah shares life lessons and insights about running a restaurant from the heart.

Applying Pressure to Bring Out the Best [00:24:27]
Adenah discusses the power of applying pressure to bring out the best in people.