Who Watches the Kitchen? (New Food Safety Book)

publication date: Sep 28, 2023
author/source: Francine Shaw


What the hell is happening here? From mystery meat in chemical buckets and mouse prints in soda syrup to tears in a parking lot and threats of being shot, "Who Watches the Kitchen?" takes readers on a rollicking, astonishing journey through the hidden truths of the foodservice industry.

Each year, 48 million people get sick and 3,000 die from (preventable) foodborne illness in the United States. So, what's going wrong? Alongside wild stories detailing how foodborne illnesses can happen, Shaw offers practical solutions to avoid food safety breaches. By the end of the book, readers will know how to protect themselves (and their customers).

In her remarkable 30+-year career, author and food safety specialist Francine L. Shaw has worked with some of the world's most prestigious brands, including McDonald's, Target, Walgreen's, Subway, Atlantic Club Casino, Sheetz Convenience Stores, and many more. In fact, she has experienced every aspect of the food industry: learning the ropes as a fry girl, managing restaurants, inspecting businesses for the health department, and educating and improving food safety for corporate brands, academia, and regulatory bodies. Revealing what it's really like to serve as a health inspector, she tackles the issues and experiences many inspectors face but rarely discuss in public forums.

"I've created a valuable resource for anyone who has ever owned, managed, worked at, inspected, or dined in a restaurant. Whether you're cooking meal service for hundreds of guests per night or making dinner for your family and friends, it's critical that you understand and follow proper food safety protocols. If you don't do things correctly – cook foods to proper temperatures, avoid cross-contamination, wash your hands frequently, etc. – you could sicken or even kill someone," Shaw explained. "I've seen it all – literally – and I'm sharing stories from the trenches to illustrate what not to do. I'm also outlining exactly what steps to follow to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your beloved guests safe and healthy."

"Who Watches the Kitchen?" is not only a book about food safety but also a call for change. Shaw addresses the lack of gender diversity in the industry and aims to inspire more women to pursue careers in food safety. As one of the few female experts in her field, Shaw seeks to break the norms and pave the way for greater inclusivity.

"If you're a restaurant patron, you'll come to know what to look for in choosing where to eat and keeping your own kitchen safe. And if you're a fellow industry professional, this book will be insightful for developing your training plans, how you measure employee and manager compliance to your requirements, and how you execute your performance rating process to weed out non-compliant employees," said Hal King, Ph.D., Managing Partner, Active Food Safety LLC, who wrote the book's forward. "Francine writes with the intention to share her experiences to help other food safety professionals (all of us) get better. She has turned her knowledge and experience into thought leadership that is beneficial to the entire foodservice and sales industry."

A must-read for anyone who has ever dined in a restaurant and wants to keep dining safely, "Who Watches the Kitchen?" is an invaluable resource for both industry professionals and concerned consumers. Get ready to embark on a journey that will forever change how you perceive the food on your plate.

For more information about "Who Watches the Kitchen?" please visit https://savvyfs.com/book. The book is now available to purchase on Amazon.

Francine ShawFrancine L. Shaw is a food safety specialist, podcaster, founder of Savvy Food Safety, Inc., co-founder of My Trusted Source, and a successful entrepreneur, author, and speaker who spent 30+ years working in the foodservice industry. Her career has included performing services (operating partner, corporate/private trainer, health inspector, third party inspector, adjunct professor) in various sectors of the foodservice industry. She has written hundreds of articles for national trade magazines and appeared on Dr. Oz, the BBC World Series Radio, and iHeart Radio as a food safety expert.