Ep 141: How to Best Design Culture in Restaurants & Bars

publication date: Aug 11, 2021
author/source: Jaime Oikle with David Friedman

David Friedman

Great episode on tap here featuring David Friedman, CEO of Culturewise and author of "Culture By Design" and "Fundamentally Different."

I realized it had been some time since we focused on culture. Perhaps your restaurant similarly has been remiss in not taking the time to talk about culture in your business...

Well, this session is guaranteed to load you up with talking points and strategies for success as we hit on....

  • Defining the behaviors / "Fundamentals" that drive success in an organization
  • Creating and deploying rituals to teach and practice behaviors with consistency
  • Engaging the workforce for maximum impact
  • How to roll out culture training to a restaurant
  • The impacts of the current hiring crisis
  • Keys to avoiding bad hires

Make sure to check out David's book "Culture by Design."

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